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Pages 7, 8 and 9 Articles of Association

About Us > Articles of Association & By-Laws

   5.9  Not exceeding thirty (30) days following the Annual General Meeting the executive committee shall make available an
         accurate copy of the Articles of Association and By-Laws, at a nominal fee. To all Committee Members.
  5.10 The Executive Committee shall make available within fourteen (14) days of any written request by any interested third
          party, at a nominal cost, a copy of the Articles of Association and by-laws
  5.11 The Secretary or Treasurer will keep an accurate register of who is in possession of all official copies of the Articles of
          Association and by-laws.
  5.12 Not exceeding thirty (30) days following the Annual General Meeting (AGM) the Executive Committee Shall make available
         a complete and accurate updated copy of the Committee Contact List to all committee members.  This information
         to be taken from affiliation forms provided upon Affiliation prior to AGM.  Delegates in writing will make changes to
         original list at General Meetings if necessary.
  6.1 The first General Meeting for the year will be held on the fourth (4th) Monday in February.
  6.2 A General Meeting shall be held monthly at such time and place as may be prescribed by the Committee.
  6.3 A Quorum shall consist of half (1/2) plus one of the elected Clubs.
  6.4 No business shall be transacted at a General Meeting unless a quorum of members is present at the time the meeting
       proceeds to business.
  6.5 If within thirty (30) minutes after the time appointed for the holding of a General Meeting the quorum not be present
       the meeting shall stand adjourned and a further meeting shall be called with at least seven (7) days notice given of
       such meeting to Delegates
  6.6 The President shall act as Chairman at every General Meeting, but if at any such meeting he shall not be present within
        ten minutes, after the time appointed for holding such meeting, or he shall be unwilling or unable to act, then the
        Senior Vice President shall act as chairman at the meeting.  If in the event of that member not being present within the
        said time or of his/her being unwilling or unable to act then the Junior Vice President shall act as Chairman.  If he shall
        be unwilling or unable to do so then the members present shall elect one of their number (being a member of the
        Committee) to act as Chairman at the meeting.
  6.7 At every meeting any general motion put to the vote shall be decided on a show of hands or secret ballot at the request
       of any Delegate or Executive Member.
       a) General Meeting Agenda – APPENDIX G
  6.8 The Chairman of the meeting shall have only one vote on all motions and where numbers on each side are equal,
        the motion shall be declared in the negative.
  6.9 Notice of a General Meeting shall be given to every member present at the meeting prior to the called meeting.
  6.10 Any vacancy occurring in the Office of President, Vice President, Treasurer, or Secretary shall be filled by a majority
         vote of members at the next General Meeting.
 6.11 Give receipts for any monies due to the Combined Committee and all monies received by him/her shall be banked within
         seven (7) days of receipt thereof.  The treasurer may delegate power to other Office The Treasurer shall be the only
         officer authorised by the Combined Committee to receive money and Bearers to collect any such monies due
         to this Committee and to issue receipts thereto, but all such collection must be handed to the Treasurer Monthly.
         All cheques must be made payable to NSW RSL Youth Council.
  6.12 All payments made by this Committee shall be by Cheque issued by Youth Council and ratified by this Committee.
  6.13 This committee shall cause minutes to be kept by the Secretary in books provided for that purpose and every delegate or
          visitor present will sign his/her name in the attendance book so kept for that purpose.
  6.14 A Typed copy of the minutes shall be forwarded to the NSW RSL Youth Council no later than 14 days after the called
          meeting.  The previous months adopted and signed minutes shall be held by the secretary.
  6.15 All R.S.L. Youth Clubs and affiliated Youth Clubs registered with this Committee shall be affiliated with the N.S.W. R.S.L.
          Youth Council and their membership must be financial by the 30th March or they may be barred from competition.
  6.16 The Executive meet at least thirty (30) minutes prior to the General Meeting for the month to discuss – reports,
          correspondence, and if required, matters that are/or have been requested to be bought to the General Meeting.
  6.17 All RSLYC Festivals sanctioned by the Combined Committee will be run in accordance with the Rules of Conduct for
          Festivals.  (APPENDIX J - Code of Ethics).
    a) These Festival rules and By-Laws may only be reviewed, at a Special Meeting called for the Purpose of Reviewing Rules
        and By-Laws.
    b) The Special General Meeting referred to in 6.17a may be called NO earlier then July and no later than September.
    c) All Rules changes and decisions at the Special General Meeting will NOT come into force until ratified at the Annual Genera
        Meeting (AGM) for the following year.
    d) All motions passed at this Special General Meeting will be binding, provided they comply with the standard restrictions of
        Constitutional/By-Law Changes.  (Ie. 75% majority in favour of a motion for it to be passed etc.)
    e) For the Special General Meeting to be called a minimum of thirty (30) days notices must be given to ALL affiliated Clubs
        and executive members.
    f) All Motions for the Special General Meeting referred to in 6.17a shall be in writing to the Secretary no later than thirty (30)
       days prior to the called date.  Combined Secretary to have proposed Motions to clubs fourteen (14) days prior to called
  6.18 A Sub-Committee consisting of an equal number of Executive and Club Representatives shall be formed for the Combined
         Festival. This sub-committee to consist of the entire Executive plus elected members.
         These members are elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) each year.
    a) Meeting to be held as running order as per Sub-Committee Meeting Agenda (Appendix I)
    b) This Sub-Committee to meet as required on the 3rd Monday of each month, with the first meeting not later than May.
         Meeting dates to be advised by the Secretary.
    c) The Sub-Committee shall be responsible for all the arrangements involved in the organisation of the Combined Festival.
    d) The Sub-Committee is to submit a written report to all General Meetings of the procedures that have been discussed and
        put into place.
    e) The sub-committee is to organise the running order of the programme for the Festival.
    f)  The sub-committee has the power to organise/co-opt people to assist with the work to be done on the day of the
        Combined Festival.
    g) Quorum of all sub-committees shall be ½ plus one of all members, consisting of Delegates and Executive.

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