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Page 5 Articles of Association

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 a) The above-mentioned Committee shall consist of up to two elected Delegates from each Financial Affiliated Club that
      conducts Ballroom Dancing as an activity.
 b) Two Delegates only be allowed to vote at any meeting.
 c) Two alternative Delegates’ names may be advised from each Ballroom Dancing Club to substitute for Delegates unable
      to attend meetings.
 d) Names of Alternative delegates will be advised to the Chairman at the beginning of each meeting.

2.2.1 The two-elected Delegates’ names from each Youth Club shall be received by the secretary of this Committee at least
         fourteen (14) days before the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and recorded in a suitable register.  Any changes of
         Delegates must be notified in writing to the Secretary within fourteen (14) days.

2.3 The committee may convene an Extraordinary General Meeting giving
      fourteen (14) days notice of Special General Meeting by the executive committee.

2.4 The committee shall not in any way or form be employees of the R.S.L. or R.S.L. Youth Clubs or any other R.S.L. Youth
      Council affiliated Club Ballroom Dancing section.

 a) Exception to this rule to be made by application through this committee then to N.S.W. R.S.L. Youth Council for Approval.

2.5 The Secretary or Treasurer may hold a cash float of up to and not exceeding one hundred dollars ($100) for
      petty cash expenses i.e. Stationary.


3.1 The Committee shall meet and the business of this Committee shall be carried on at such place or places,
      as the Committee shall from time to time deem advisable.


4.1 The Annual General Meeting of this Committee shall be held during the first Week of February each year and at such place as this Committee may determine.


5.1 The business of an AGM shall be to;

• Receive and consider the Income and expenditure Account,
• Receive and consider the Balance Sheet,
• Receive and consider the Auditors Report,
• To elect Office Bearers and Committee members for the coming year.

Meeting to be held as running order as per AGM Agenda (APPENDIX H)

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