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Page 4 Articles of Association

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1.1 The name of this Committee shall be convened as the;
    “Combined N.S.W. R.S.L. Youth Clubs State Ballroom Dancing Committee”

 1.2 The objectives for which this Committee is established are:

       a)    To promote the aims and objectives of the NSW R.S.L. Youth Movement.
       b)    To encourage the Youth of NSW to be fair-minded sports men and women and by doing so, help them to become better citizens.
       c)    To encourage the Youth of NSW to excel as Ballroom Dancers, by actively promoting amateur Ballroom Dancing sponsored by the N.S.W. R.S.L. Youth Clubs within the State.

 1.3 The competition year for Ballroom Dancing will be 1st January – 31st December each year.


Affiliation to the R.S.L. Ballroom Dancing Committee is valid for a twelve (12) month period beginning at the nominated date set for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) each year.  i.e. A Youth Club affiliating in the month of April in any given year will still be required to re-affiliate in February of the following year.
       a)    The affiliation fee shall be determined by majority vote at the October General Meeting of
              the R.S.L. Ballroom Dancing Committee.
       b)    Existing R.S.L. Youth Club wishing to re-affiliate with the R.S.L. Ballroom Dancing Committee each year must pay the
              nominated affiliation fee on or before the nominated date set for the Annual General Meeting that year.
       c)    Any R.S.L. Youth Club that is not a financial, affiliated member of this committee at the commencement of the Annual
              General Meeting on any given year shall forfeit their affiliation and thus have to re-apply for affiliation at the next
              general meeting of the R.S.L. Ballroom Dancing Committee and fulfil the criteria of 2.1d and 2.1e.
       d)    R.S.L. Youth Clubs wishing to become affiliated with this R.S.L. Ballroom Dancing Committee shall apply in writing to
              the said Committee furnishing the information required on FORM 1.  This application to be accompanied by a letter of
              approval from the said Sub-Branch.
       e)    If an R.S.L. is granted approval to affiliate by this Committee their affiliation shall only become valid after the
              nominated affiliation fee is paid in full.
       f)     New Club affiliating after 30th September will be considered as affiliated for the following 12 months.
       g)    Non attendance of delegates from any club (i.e. not one delegate attending) for a period of three (3) months shall
              constitute abandonment of affiliation and the club shall forfeit voting rights for the remainder of the calendar year.
              The club may re-affiliate the following year.
       h)    A Club contact listing to be issued each year with the following information, Club Secretary, Club Registrar, Delegates
              and Alternates with all relevant information (name, address, phon numbers and email address).  Any changes must be
              notified through the General Meeting.  This listing to be given out at the February General Meeting.

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