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Page 3 Executive Summary

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With the function of the Combined Committee being seen to be;

  • to co-ordinate Dance Festivals between the various RSL Ballroom Dancing Clubs,
  • to approve the officials (judges, etc) to be employed at the Dance Festivals,
  • to prepare and update the rules that the Dance Festivals are to be run by, and
  • maintain a register of all members.

It was necessary to develop rules that all RSL Ballroom Dancing Clubs would actively support.

The resulting RULES AND BY-LAWS are presented in two sections – The Constitution and the Competitions.

The Constitution and the Competitions have been put together by the Combined Committee and they incorporate the Articles of Association.  If any conflict results then the Articles of Association shall always override.

The Articles of Association are the rules set by the RSL Youth Council who is the overseeing authority of this Combined Committee.  These rules are the minimum requirements and can only be changed with the approval of Youth Council. Consequently, these rules have been kept in a section of their own, within the Constitution.

The Constitution sets out the principles by which the Combined Committee is constituted and run.

The Competitions set out the rules by which the Dance Festivals, under the ruling of the Combined Committee, are to be conducted.  These Dance Festivals include those Festivals where Championships are held.

These Rules and By-Laws were assembled by the efforts of all the delegates of the Combined Committee.  Much consideration was given to the comments and recommendations received from individual members of the clubs (children and parents), individual club committees and from the dancing teachers of the clubs.  The intent was to set guidelines to allow friendly, fair and team spirited competition in Ballroom Dancing to grow in popularity.

To ensure fair competition, allowance has been made to permit regular development of the Rules and By-Laws in response to the changing nature and structure of the RSL Youth Movement.

Appendices are provided for the supportive information to the Rules and By-Laws so that reference to other documents or associations will not be necessary.

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