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Page 22 Championships (Club & Combined)

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    a) All couples are required to compete in ½ plus 1 of all festivals held in the preceding twelve (12) months to be eligible to
        dance in any Championship event.
    b) For the Championships the eligibility must be fulfilled before the Festival date.
    c) New partnerships with both members eligible ie. Competed in ½ plus one festivals in the previous twelve (12) months.
        May apply to the Combined Committee for permission to compete in the championships.
    d) In the case of a new partnership with one (1) member eligible because of individual, progressive team and club team
        events, of ½ plus one (1) in the calendar year, the new partnership must compete in three (3) age/grade events together
    e) In all Championship finals all finalists are to be rewarded in an appropriate way.
    f) The committee reserves the right to allow or disallow any couple special dispensation to compete at the Combined
        Championships under extenuating circumstances.
    g) All eligible couples for the Combined Championships will only be allowed to compete in the Championship events.  They
        may not choose to dance in the non-championship events.
  15.2 The minimum running of the Combined Championships is: Progressive Team, Club Teams
          Aged Open Championship Categories  Aged RSL Class Trained Championship Categories
  The Combined Festival Committee shall reserve the right to insert novelty events, if they so wish prior to the day.
    a) RSL Class Trained Competitors can elect to dance in either Championships but can only dance in one over all three styles
    b) The RSL Class Trained Championship will be Restricted Syllabus / dances.
  15.3 The Combined Sub-Committee will put together a Programme of Dances to be used for the Championships. It is to be
          given to the delegates for perusal no later than the General Meeting held in June.  The Delegates will then take this back
          to their Club for perusal. Any recommendations for changes are to be bought to the general meeting in July.  The final
          programme of dances will be issued to clubs at the General meeting in August.
  15.4 All nominations for the Combined State Ballroom Championship must be received at least one (1) month – thirty (30)
         days prior to the championship date.  All eligibility will be checked with entries and clarified by the Combined Registrar
         two weeks prior to the championships to the clubs. CHANGES TO ALL ENTRES, EXCEPT THE CHAMPIONSHIPS, (NOT

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