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Page 21 Club Teams, Injuries

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  13.1 A dancer can dance in Club Team events according to their own age, but they can only dance in one (1) team, on the
         day. i.e. A member cannot compete in both U/16 Club Team and O/16 Club team etc.
  13.2 Club Teams: Each Club will nominate only one (1) team per age group. (except where Open and Class Trained events are
    a) Club teams are to be divided into three (3) groups, U/13, O/13-U/16 and O/16 year’s age.  Teams will consist of a
        maximum of three (3) couples and a minimum of one (1) couple (only applicable if the club has one couple only
        competing in the respective age category for that festival.  If two couples one couple to dance twice).  In the case of a
        club nominating only one couple in each age group, the younger couple may dance up into the higher age group (lower
        age couples dance once) to make a team.  Individuals and new to RSL Dancing members should be used in the age group,
        i.e. Club Teams Depending on the individuals and new to RSL Dancing Members, experience level and ability.  This will be
        at the discretion of each club Professional Teacher.
    b) Club teams’ couples must be nominated on the proper nomination form on the day. (FORM 11)
    c) A Club may borrow one couple (only one) from another Club to give a team two couples with the original Club couple
        dancing twice.  This can only be done with the authorisation of Delegates or Professionals of BOTH Clubs.
    d) In club team events only the couple dancing the first dance will attend marshalling.  All other couples will take the floor
        from their won club area.
    When a dance applies for dispensation for Festival credits due to injury, a Doctors Certificate must accompany the application
    to indicate the period of time required.
  14.1 When a member is injured at any Festival their name, address, nature of the injury, any witness’s etc. must be submitted
         to the Secretary of this Committee for the purpose of recording.
    a) When a member has a known injury they can only compete at any Festival when they have been given clearance from
        their doctor.  This clearance shall be in the form of a dated medical certificate stating that the person has recovered from
        the injury (with the injury detailed) and is fit for competition.
    b) When a Dancer/s is/are injured in a heat/final on the floor such heat/final shall be rescheduled to allow the Dancer/s to
        compose oneself and attend to the injury before proceeding.  If unable to continue the Floor Manager is to be informed of
        the decision and the Heat/Final may continue as Programmed.  A maximum of fifteen (15) minutes to be allowed for this
        to happen.

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