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Page 20 Floor Manager/Marshall, Progressive Teams

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  11.1 At all Festivals conducted under these rules a Floor Manager must be nominated to the Combined Committee at the
          meeting prior to such festival.  The Floor Manager is responsible for adjudicating on any unforseen anomalies and shall
          be in full control of the dance floor.
  11.2 Floor Managers to be in charge of informing couples when they take the floor to dance in their own event that those
         couples will be eligible to dance up in the next event.  The Compare is to be informed by the Floor Marshals when couples
         will be dancing up.
  11.3 At each Festival, a complete list of the numbers to be worn by competitors in each event will be handed to the Floor
         Manager of the day to enable him to gauge how many couples should be dancing in each event.
  11.4 At all Festival/Competitions the dancers must report to the Floor Marshall or be in the Marshalling area (where available)
         three (3) events prior to their event to have their numbers marked off by the Floor Marshall/s Floor Manager.
  11.5 No event shall be re-run because of a dancer/s arriving late or not being marked off by the floor personnel or not taking
         the floor for their event.
  If you have a problem with changing for events please inform the Floor Manager as soon as possible so that arrangements can
  be made to help overcome these.
  12.1 In all Progressive Team events the minimum number of couples will be four (4), one (1) couple can be borrowed from
         another Club to make one (1) team of four (4) (ref 9.11).  The maximum number of couples will be eight (8) and those
         couples will all be members of the same Youth Club.  If a Club wishes to field two (2) teams the minimum number of
         couples will be eight (8) from the same Club.  (FORM 11)
  12.2 The Progressive Teams shall for the purpose of this Committee be divided into Junior and Senior Teams.  Junior
          members (U/14’s) may dance up into senior teams, if a particular club does not have the numbers to field a Junior Team,
          or if a club has over the required number of junior teams.  There is a maximum of two (2) teams per age per club.
  12.3 A dancer can dance in Progressive Teams events according to their own age, but they can only dance in one (1) team, on
         the day. i.e. A member cannot compete in both Junior Progressive Team and Senior Progressive Team.
  12.4 The number of Progressive Teams competing on the floor at the same time shall be decided by the appointed Floor
          Manager on the day, in conjunction with the judges present for the event.
  12.5 In Progressive Team events only the Banner Holder for each team will attend marshalling, the Banner holder will be
          placed on the floor by the Floor Manager and the team will take the floor at their Banner holder from their own club area.
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