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Page 19 Adjudicators

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  10.1 At all festivals the minimum number of judges shall be three (3) for each event and shall be named on submitted
          programmes.  Qualified judges are to be used at all festivals for the MAJORITY of the panel.  Where possible, unqualified
          judges will not be used for Championship events.
  N.B.: It is not the intention of this rule to allow the use of unqualified judges at R.S.L. Ballroom Dancing festivals.  In an
          emergency due to illness or other emergent situation preventing a judge from attending on the day of the festival a
          substitute may be used.  Every effort will be made to substitute a fully qualified judge with a judge equally qualified.
          However, a Festival will not be cancelled on the day if this is not possible.  NO member of this Committee (i.e.
          Executive/Delegate/ Alt. Delegate) shall be deemed an eligible Adjudicator.
  10.2 At all festivals no communication between judges and competitors shall be allowed while an event is being judged.  It
          shall be the task of the Floor Manager to make this rule known to the participating judges.
  10.3 At all festivals all Adjudicators shall abide by the rules laid down by this Committee.
  10.4 An ex-professional (or teacher) of any member club who has not been involved in the RSL Youth Clubs for two years or
          more is eligible to judge all events.  With less than two (2) years is only eligible to judge novelty event.  Current
          professionals (or teachers) of any member club are eligible to judge novelty events only, except under extreme
          circumstances as approved by the Executive of this Committee.

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