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Page 14 Festivals General

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  9.1 Any R.S.L. Youth Club or Affiliated Youth Club that wishes to conduct any R.S.L. Youth Club Ballroom Dancing Festival or
        Inter Club competition must first obtain the permission of the Combined Committee.
    a) For each festival the details of each competitor shall be forwarded, the dates of birth, registration numbers and grades of
        participating members, at least fourteen days prior to any festival to the Club holding the festival and the Combined
    b) A credit will be given to all registered competitors for any Festivals that is cancelled, that has been ratified at the AGM.
        Festivals not ratified at the AGM will not be credited.
  9.2 At all festivals or competitions approved by the Combined Committee.
    a) Only Ballroom Dancing enrolled R.S.L. Youth Club members and affiliated Ballroom Dancing enrolled Youth Club members
        shall be permitted to part take.
    b) Non-registration to the Combined Committee by a Youth Club member for a period of twelve months shall constitute
        abandonment of membership (twelve months being complete calendar year).
    c) All R.S.L. Youth Clubs and affiliated Youth Clubs must be financial members of the Combined Committee.
    d) All persons participating in RSLYC Ballroom Dancing (Festivals and Championships) participate in the class/s conducted by
        their RSLYC Ballroom Dancing Teacher.  Regular basis to be determined by each ballroom dancing club
  Any new member to RSLYC Ballroom Dancing who is competing at a Festival organised by their own club, and it’s the ONLY
  festival they will compete in, the Combined Registration Fee will be waived.  If a second festival is attended within the calendar
  year, Combined Registration will be back dated to the original festival.
  This statement does not support the abuse by encouraging casual participation in promotions organised by RSLYC Ballroom
  Dancing Sections.
    e) If this abuse occurs and can be proven then the Combined Committee will take action.  Refer Rule 7.6.
  9.3 Admission charges to all Festival to be determined at the November meeting of the Combined Committee. Charges are to
        be in the following categories: Child (U/16)/Competitor (Under 25) and Concession (concession card must be shown)
        Adult– Family (two adults and children of the same family only with Family ID Card) (FORM 12).
    a) At all festivals the Executive of this Committee shall be the ruling body.  For a ruling to be considered, at least three of the
        Executive must be in attendance.  Any decisions made by this Executive Committee on the day must be reported to the
        next General Meeting of the Combined Committee and relayed to the full Executive Committee immediately and in writing
        to the Executive and Delegates as soon as practical before the next General Meeting.  In the absence of three (3)
        Executives being present at a Festival a majority of attending Delegates shall make a decision.
    b) All Executive Members and Ballroom Dancing Patron will be admitted to all Festivals at no charge.  They must produce
        appropriate ID Card on entry to verify position.  (Form 15 Executive/Patron ID Card).
  9.5 All complaints to this committee must be submitted in writing, through the club delegate.  Verbal complaints will NOT be
        recognised.  All written complaints will be dealt with at the next meeting of the Combined Committee
  9.6 Within the R.S.L. there will be the following sections of dance.
    a) U/10, U/13, and  U/16   Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and A Grade
    b) U/19 and U/25   Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, A Grade and Open (Intermediate and Higher).  The Open event will be
        at the promoter’s discretion.
  9.7 All Novice Grade competitors will BE LIMITED to the Restricted Syllabus DANCES, as adopted from the Australian Dancing
        Board (A.D.B.)/Dancesport Australia (D.S.A.) restricted syllabus.
    a. A list of the restricted dances appears at APPENDIX A
    b. The restricted syllabus for Modern, as published by Alex Moore and that appears at APPENDIX C
    c. The restricted syllabus for Latin, as published by Walter Laird Latin and that appears at APPENDIX D
    d. In New Vogue, broken arm lines are not permitted.  The exception to the rule is Club Team and Open Championship
        events which fall in line with the optional referencing of the Neville Boyd -  New Vogue Sequence Dancing Publication”
  NOTE:   Reasonable relaxation for a release or relocation of the hand contact whilst retaining the general line or shape of the
              categorised hold.  It does not extend to the adoption of a different hold or the use of ‘NO HOLD’ where a hold is
              described as part of the technique in the Neville Boyd publication.  Reference to “Holds used in New Vogue Sequence
              Dancing” – Neville Boyd Publication Appendix N.
    e) In New Vogue a minimum of one sequence will be danced in all events with exception to championships where 3 full
        sequences will be danced.
    f) Any U/10 event (including championships), will be restricted for each calendar year to four (4) New Vogue dances only, to
       be decided by the combined committee (APPENDIX B) and three (3) Modern Dances being Waltz, Quickstep and Slow
       Rhythm as well as three (3) Latin Dances being Samba, Cha Cha Cha and Jive.
  9.8 Couples in a lower grade may be invited to dance up in the next grade provided this does not cause heats to be run.  Max
       of 6 - 8 couples depending on age of couples and size of dance floor.
  A win whilst dancing in the higher grade will count as a part elevation to their current grade.  (ie intermediate dancing
  Advanced and wins, part elevation will apply to the Intermediate grade).
    a) In the event of no competitors in the grade below then the closest grade to this may be invited up.  (eg. A Grade – no
        Advanced Grade – Intermediate may be invited up) Rule 9.8 would still apply with regards to the number on the floor.
  9.9 ALL Festivals/Competitions shall hold individual two (2) dance event over three (3) styles or a three (3) dance tri-style
        event in U10, U/13, U/16 and O/16 years age groups at the promoters discretion.  Individual events to be Novice Grade
        and Open.  An Novice Grade individual may elect to dance in an Open or Novice Grade event.  (Eg. Novice is for the age
        event and Intermediate Grade and higher is the Open event.).  U/8 years Individual events may be run at the promoters
    i Novice Grade Only
       3 styles in Novice = Novice Individual
      1 intermediate and 2 Novice styles = Novice Individual
      2 Intermediate and 1 Novice style = Open Individual (Intermediate and Higher)
  9.10 Specialty events, for the purpose of this Committee, are any event other than these specified events;

    a)         Age/Grade Events
    b)         Club Teams
    c)         Progressive Teams
    d)         Individuals
   i. Any club wishing to hold a specialty event may do so giving it its own special name. eg. specialty extravaganza or a
      specialty challenge
  9.11 No R.S.L. or Affiliated members may dance with a Youth Club member from another club as a partner within
         competitions organised by this committee except in Novelty events.  Exception to this rule are Progressive Teams, Club
        Teams and
         Individuals where up to a maximum of one (1) couple which may be borrowed from another club to complete team
         numbers (as per rule 12.1 maximum number of couples).  Only with authorisation from Delegates or Professional/s of
         BOTH clubs involved.
    a) For each Festival the details of each competitor shall be forwarded, with dates of birth, registration numbers and grades
        of participating members, at least fourteen days prior to any festival the Club holding the festival and the Combined
        Registrar.  Details are required on the accepted nomination form (FORM 6).  Late entries may be accepted on the day
        (FORM 9).
    b) Where clubs elect to use the Combined scrutineering and entries are emailed, the Combined registrar will be sent a copy
        of the entries.
  9.13 The teacher or his/her Delegate from the nominating Club must sign the submitted entries.
  9.14 At each Festival or Competition each couple shall dance in the age group governed by the eldest partner.  This rule also
         applies to novelty events.
  9.15 No member competing in any competition shall receive monies for prizes, but it will be permissible to award members
         trophies or any other article.
  9.16 If at any Festival a couple has to dance alone it will be necessary for this couple to dance sixteen (16) bars of music for
         each dance listed for their event, and a minimum of one sequence of each New Vogue dance.
  9.17 When there is only one couple in any event it will be run as scheduled.
  9.18 A dead heat for 1st placing must be danced off and it shall be the first dance, for elevations to apply.  In the event of a
         dead heat for any other placing, a dance off will be at the promoters discretion, the couples concerned may be asked to
        dance the first dance of the event to break the deadlock.
    a) At all times scoring at Festivals by Scrutineers will be by the use of the skating system.  (APPENDIX E).  Novelty events will
        not be taken into account for the point score trophy.
    b) Combined Executive will be available to provide Scrutineering for all Festivals throughout the year at a minimal cost as set
        at the October meeting each year.  The Combined Executive may ask for assistance (if required)  from a non-executive
        person in the event of only 1 executive member being available to scrutineer.
    c) This scoring system for points score trophies, shall be done by the use of 6 points for 1st down to 1 point for 6th place of
        all event to be counted.
    d) All competitors’ names, registration numbers (where applicable), numbers and clubs along with the program running order
        to be received by the Combined Registrar by the Thursday prior to the Festival for inputting into the computer prior to the
        day, on the appropriate form.  (Form 14 – Computer Entries)
  9.20 Over 8 couples in any event will constitute a heat and a final will be required. Recalls shall be a minimum of half (1/2) the
          couples on the floor where possible subject to scrutineering.  Subject to the floor size and age group.  (This is to be
          determined by the promoter in consultation with the Floor Manager)
  9.21 When two girls form a partnership and dance competitively at a Festival the respective members of the partnership shall
          retain their male/female status for the entire event.
  9.22 At all festivals, in the event of a disqualification of any member in any contest, for breach of these Rules the respective
          Delegate must be called to the Scrutineers table and informed of the circumstances that led to the disqualification.  The
          competitive couple will not be removed from the floor, but their number will be disregarded on the judges’ card.
    a) In the event of a disqualification in any style by one or more judges, the couple will not be removed from the floor.  After
        the event the couple concerned will be invited to attend the recording Adjudicator with their teacher/delegate and advised
        by the judge concerned why he/she felt the rules of dance had been breached!  For further clarification, (APPENDIX F).
    b) A right of appeal will be heard by the Combined Committee if it is in writing and will be dealt with on the day by a
        minimum of two (2) Committee Members, 2 adjudicators and 2 club Professionals not involved in the disqualification.
    a) No advertising matter shall be allowed on numbers worn by Amateur Competitors without permission of the Executive.
    b) Any advertising worn on the dance attire of an Amateur Competitor shall conform to the following:
       i. The overall areas is to be not more than 40 square centimetres in size
       ii. It is not to conflict with sponsor’s names on numbers (if any)
       iii. It is to be worn on the front of the attire of one member of the partnership only, and is limited to the one advertisement
           per style.
    c) An Amateur Competitor shall only be permitted to wear advertising on his or her dance attire if the prior approval of the
        committee has been obtained in accordance with the provisions of rule 9.23 (b) and 9.23 (d).
    d) An application for approval of such sponsorship shall be accompanied by a full description and sample of the advertising to
        be worn.
  9.24 Programmes are to be submitted at least three (3) meetings prior to the Festival date and must be ratified and accepted
         no less than two (2) meetings prior to the Festival.
    a) Delegates have some authority to make reasonable changes to programmes to benefit the dancers.
    b) Once a list of dances is passed no alternations are to be made.  The date of acceptance of that dance list shall be recorded
        in the minutes of the General Meeting.
  9.25 All festival results, entries, floor manager sheets are to be given to the Registrar or nominated executive member on the
         day of the Festival so eligibility/elevation cards can be completed.
  9.26 Elevation/Eligibility Cards: Membership cards with grading’s are to be presented and signed on the day of the festival for
         eligibility to championships, by the Combined Registrar or nominated executive member and all wins on the day to be
         recorded appropriately and elevations to be confirmed by Registrar at the next general meeting or advise to clubs if a
         festival is before next general meeting.  (FORM 3)
  9.27 Elevation/Eligibility Folder:  All clubs are to present to the Registrar or club holding the festival their folder containing
         elevation/eligibility cards and dance numbers will be given to the club.  Folders will be returned at the end of the day,
         completed appropriately, when club returns all dance numbers.
    a) Numbers missing will result in that dancer/s card/s being held by the registrar until number is returned.
  9.28 Dress Regulations
  Females: All clothing is to be appropriately worn and should be of a style and cut not to offend.  No high cut briefs.  When
                standing the skirt should cover the briefs completely.  It is preferable that the briefs show a little as possible during
  Males:     Black Trousers preferred, with any colour shirt or top.  No singlets allowed.

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