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  7.1 All enrolled Youth Club members are Ordinary Members.  An Ordinary Member of a youth Club shall be not more than
        25 years of age. (FORM 2 -Registration Form)
    Note: When an ordinary member of a youth club turns 25 years of age within a competition year (refer Rule 1.3) then
             he / she is allowed to complete that competition year but not re-register for the following competition year.
  7.2 a) All registered members to pay the annual registration fee, as set by the committee at the
           October meeting each year.  Any member registering after the 30th September will be
           considered as registered for the following twelve (12) months.  
       b) All Members must be registered with the Combined Registrar prior to competing in any festival.  This registration must
           be received before the festival day in which they are to compete to enable the Registrar to have appropriate cards
           completed to be placed in folders on the day of Festival.  All members must be financial within one month of competing,
           submitted on appropriate form (in duplicate) accompanying cheques to Treasurer.
           (Form 13 – Registration to Treasurer)
      c) Registration forms must be submitted with payment each year.
      d) No registration will be accepted for member/s if the Combined Executive is notified by the previously registered club of
          an unfinancial status or the member is under suspension with the previously registered club or any governing bodies of
          the previously registered club.  A registration cannot be accepted until Unfinancial status has been lifted by the
          previously registered club notified to the Combined Executive in writing or the suspension period has lapsed and written
          notification of this is received by the Combined Executive from the previously registered club or any governing bodies of
          the previously registered club. This information will be held by the Combined Registrar on the registration listing and the
          registration number will not be deleted from the affected member until all of the above has been finalised.

  7.3 If a member wishes to transfer to another club he/she may do so after the transfer forms (FORM 4) have been signed by
        both clubs, the member’s parent/guardian and the President of this Committee and recorded in the transfer records.
    a) A transfer must be obtained from the leaving club by the member, completed and signed appropriately and submitted to
        the Executive by the receiving club, fully completed.
    b) For a Transfer to take place, the transfer must be submitted to the Executive Committee prior to the day of the festival the
        competitors wish to dance at.
    c) A Maximum of two (2) transfers to be allowed in the one calendar year (See Form 4 for Sample form)
    d) A transfer is only required by a member who is registered by a Club with the Committee.
    e) A member not registered for a minimum period of 12 months (previous calendar year) does not require a transfer. Unless
        Unfinancial or suspended with last registered club (Refer Rule 7.1 e)
  Note: No form can be presented at a General Meeting by a receiving club requesting the delegates of the leaving club to sign
          form on the night.  All forms must be signed prior to the night of the meeting unless prior arrangements are made
          between both clubs and form is finalised on the night.
  7.4 When a Youth Club member belongs to more than one (1) Youth Club in the activity of Ballroom Dancing they may only
        compete for one (1) Youth Club in competitions organised under the control of this Committee.  If the above-mentioned
        member desires to dance for another Youth Club in Ballroom Dancing he/she must fulfil the conditions of Rule 7.2.
  7.5 Any workshop to be conducted by any R.S.L. Youth Club Ballroom Dancing Section (in a class situation) min 4 couples, 8
       dancers, will be performed under the control of the normal R.S.L. Teacher/Committee after approval has been granted by
       the Combined Committee.  (This application will define the location, time and content of the workshop).  All applications
       are to be in writing.
  7.6 Any Youth Club wishing to promote Ballroom Dancing by doing judged displays may do so by obtaining permission from
        the Combined Committee.  If the display is before the next scheduled general meeting then verbal permission may be
        obtained from the Combined President/Secretary.
  7.7 Any complaint about any serious misconduct or act of commission or omission of any member must be submitted in
        writing to the committee.  The member in question should have the right to answer the allegations against him/her.  The
        committee shall only then have the power to penalise any member who has been found guilty through proper
  7.7 When a Youth Club disbands the activity of Ballroom Dancing, or the Club itself ceases to operate, a representative of that
        Club must notify this Committee in writing forthwith.  Members do not require a transfer to move to another club.
  7.8 Reverting to Novice Grade from Intermediate Grade by written application following the procedures in Appendix L.
  7.9 Reverting from Open to RSL Class Trained Status. Any previous Combined NSW RSL Youth Clubs State Ballroom Dancing
        member who was an open competitor, who has not in the last three (3) years:
       • Danced
       • had private lessons or
       • attended an RSL Class Trained competition (practice) class
      Their current RSL Youth Cub Ballroom Dancing group has the option to make written application to have status changed to
      RSL Class Trained.  This application to be made to the Executive of the Combined Committee to be taken into
      consideration.  All applications must be signed by the Club Professional and Secretary.
  7.10 Any new member to Combined NSW RSL Youth Clubs State Ballroom Dancing who has received tuition and / or attended
          social classes at a Studio (other than an RSL Ballroom Dancing Club) prior to registration to Combined Committee, would
          be an Open Status Competitor, therefore going into Intermediate grade (as per 8.2) has the option to make written
          application to have status changed to RSL Class Trained.  This application is to be made to the Combined Committee
          Executive for consideration prior to competing in their first competition.  The final decision will be notified to the
          delegates at the first available general meeting.  All applications must be signed by the Club Professional and Secretary.
          Information must be submitted for this application to be considered (as per Appendix M).
  7.11 All RSL Classes are to be run or supervised by the nominated RSL Class Teacher, unless in extenuating circumstances
         where a Club Supervisor over the age of 25 years and may be assisted by a Student (20 years to 25 years)
  7.12 Under the supervision of the RSL Dance Teacher, students (16 years to U/25 years) or Club Supervisors may assist the
         RSL Class Trained students in RSL Classes without jeopardy of these students becoming an open competitor, provided
         there is no exchange of money.

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